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Visit to Badrinath

A Place Where Badrinath is Located

Badrinath is a Hindu heavenly town and a nagar panchayat in Chamoli area in the territory of Uttarakhand, India. It is situated at a rise of 11204 feet (3415 mts), in the shadow of Nilkanth Peak and between Nar-Narayana Hills, Badrinath is a blessed hindu journey arranged on the banks of Alaknanda waterway.

1. Reaching Badrinath Temple by Road Maps Route

Let me suggest  you a short tips on how to reach Badrinath  Temple by Roads Routes Maps 

Ways 1. From Haridwar/Rishikesh To Badarinath is (324 km),and from Rishikesh To Badarinath is (298 km)

Here it Start

Following Routes No.1 

Haridwar – > (24 km) Rishikeh –> (71 km) Deoprayag –> (30 km) Kirtinagar –> (4 km) Shrinagar –> (34 km) Rudraprayag –> (20 km) Gauchar –> (12 km) Karnaprayag –> (20 km) Nandprayag –> (11 km) Chamoli –> (8 km) Birahi –> (9 km) Pipalkoti –> (5 km) Garur Ganga –> (15 km) Helang –> (14 km) Joshinath – (13 km) Vishnuprayag –> (8 km) Govindghat –>  (3 km) Pandukeshwar –> (10 km) Hanumanchatti –> (11 km) Shri Badarinath Ji.

Way 2. From Kedarnath to Badrinath via chopta

Here its Start

Followings Routes No.2

Via Guptakashi –> Ukhimath –> Chopta –> Gopeshwar –> Chamoli –> Pipalkoti
Kedarnath to Kund (53 km route is same as given in the Way 1 chart) –> (6km) Ukhimath –> (22 km) Dogalbhitta –> (7 km) Chopta –> (27 km) Mandal –> (8 km) Gopeshwar –> (10 km) Chamoli –> from Chamoli to Badarinathji (96 km)

Ways 3.From Kedarnath To Badarinath (247 km)

Here its Start

Kedarnath – (14 km trek) Gaurikund – (5 km) Sonprayag – (4 km) Rampur – (9 km) Phata – (14 km) Guptkashi – (7 km) Kund – (19 km) Agastyamuni – (8 km) Tilwara – (8 km) Rudraprayag – (20 km) Gauchar – (12 km) Karnaprayag (20 km) Nandprayag – (11 km) Chamoli – (8 km) Birahi – (9km) Pipalkoti – (5 km) Garur Ganga – (15 km) Helang (14 km) Joshimath – (13 km) Vishnuprayag – (8 km) Govindghat – (3 km) Pandukeshwar – (10 km) Hanumanchatti – (11 km) Shri Badarinath.

2. Reaching Badrinath by Flight

If You reaching by Flights, You need by nearest Airport Name Jolly Grant. Located in Dehradun which is alomost 317 km from Badrinath.

3. Reaching Badrinath by Helicopter

There are many Helicopter provider you will find from Dehradun to Badrinath. It may total cost you 100 kms

4. Reaching Badrinath by Train

The closest railroad stations to Badrinath are at Rishikesh (297 kms), Haridwar (324 kms) and Kotadwar (327 kms). Rishikesh isn’t associated by quick trains and Kotadwar has less number of trains. Accordingly Haridwar fills in as the best railroad station on the off chance that you are visiting Badrinath via train. Haridwar is associated by numerous trains from all piece of India.

5. Reaching Badrinath by Bus

Badrinath is effectively open by street. It is situated a good ways off of 525 Km from Delhi and 296 Km from Rishikesh. There are standard transports working to Badrinath from Delhi, Haridwar and Rishikesh.

Normal transports work from Rishikesh bus stop to Badrinath and begin ahead of schedule before day break. The last transport from Rishikesh leaves for Badrinath before day break. The street is limited after Joshimath and travel isn’t allowed out and about after nightfall. In this manner on the off chance that one misses the transport for Badrinath at Rishikesh bus stop, one needs to go just up to Rudraprayag, Chamoli or Joshimath and went through the night there to take the early morning transport for Badrinath from that town.

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