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About Char Dham Yatra

Char Dham Yatra – a heavenly excursion of respected locales in Uttarakhand takes you to four consecrated places to be specific Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath. Visit these four hallowed locales for a restoring experience as you go through glorious mountains, thick woodlands, lovely knolls, profound valleys, spouting cascades, and waterway junctures. Go along with us on this Char Dham Yatra 12 days blessed journey. All your movement necessities and solaces would be dealt with by Sparroow specialists guaranteeing a smooth and safe journey. An unquestionable requirement do Sparroow in any event once in the course of your life, the excursion vows to be a profoundly elevating one.

Upon Arrival We Will Pick Up You And Drive To Haridwar, 06 Hours Journey By The Road. Reach And Check In At Hotel, Evening Visit Har-ki Pauri For Aarti Ceremony Of Mother Ganges. Later Retrun To Hotel. An Overnight Stay.


Dinner Only

Welcome Drink and Mini Refreshments at Comesum Restaurant, Hazrat Nizammudin; Ceremonial Welcome and presentation of Trip Leader. Post Tea/Coffee with light bites, set out on your groundbreaking excursion to Chota Chardham prominently known as Himalayan Chardham. In transit Lunch at Midway. Show up The Drive motel, Haridwar. Welcome followed by Express C in the all around named rooms. Supper and )/N The Drive motel, Haridwar.

Flight Assembly - Comesum Restaurant

Address-Hazzrat Nizamudin Railway Station

Anticipated Departure Time, Delhi - 0830 Hrs

Anticipated Arrival Time, Haridwar - 1430 Hrs

Day's Traveling Distance and Time - 220 Kms/06 Hrs

venture Break - Khatauli

Host City and Hotel - Haridwar and The Drive motel

Haridwar - Haridwar (the Gateway to God Har and Hari) is one of the seven holiest spots in india, and one of the most established living world urban communities. it's comprised of an entrancing and brilliant assortment of sadhus, savants and travelers. each night, the Ganges wakes up with the sorcery of the aarti (love with fire), as lights are lit, petitions are offered, and little candles are drifted down the waterway. There are various other intriguing sights and antiquated legacy sanctuaries, on which our excursion guide would share data on. For us, a visit to Haridwar is accepted to give freedom from the interminable pattern of death and resurrection.

Day's commitment -

Night Arti at Har Ki Paudi - The night petition at sunset (Aarti) offered to Goddess Ganga at Hari-Ki-Pairi (ventures towards God Hari) is a captivating encounter for any guest. A display of sound and shading is seen when, after the service, pioneers glide diyas (botanical buoys with lights) and incense on the stream, honoring their perished progenitors. A huge number of individuals from all round the world do try to go to this petition on their visit to Haridwar.

Early morning reminder for washing and Surya Namaskar at Saptrishi Ghat, breakfast and later leave for excursion to first of your Dham, Yamunotri, girl of the Sun god, Surya and cognizance, Sangya. The Yamuna, similar to the Ganges, has been elavated to the status of a heavenly mother for the Hindus and has been considered answerable for sustaining and building up the indian progress. Lunch on the way at Midway. Campfire, Dinner and O/N remain at Him Dershan, Barkot

Anticipated Departure Time, Haridwar - 0730 Hrs

Anticipated Arrival Time, Barkot - 1830 Hrs

Day's Traveling Distance and Time - 200 Kms/10Hrs

venture Break - Lakhamandal

City and Hotel - Barkot and Hotel Him Dershan, barkot - Situated at a rise of 1220 m above ocean level. Among the numerous mainstream objections in Uttrakhand, Barkot now and again will in general get blurred into unimportance. Just a Tour to Barkot will assist you with seeing how enchanting it is. Unaffected by the notions of current civillization, it remains in the entirety of its immaculate magnificence to lure every single guest who stays with it. The hypnotizing perspective on the pinnacles of Bandar Punch which remain snow covered during the time makes certain to stay installed in your psyches for eternity. At the point when you will visit Yamunotri, you can visit at Barkot and enjoy its charming setting. This spot vows to be a rewarding suggestion with all its lovely mountains

Reminder, leave with pressed breakfast/organic products for trip to Yamunotri, your first of Himalayan Chardham. Return as expected for Lunch at Janakichatti. Rest of the evening at recreation. Night Folk Cultural Program, campfire followed before supper. O/N Him Dershan , Barkot.

Anticipated Departure Time, Barkot - 0600 Hrs

Anticipated Arrival Time, Yamunotri - 1100 Hrs

Day's Traveling Distance and Time - 35 Kms+05 Kms journey/05 Hrs

Costs Approximate - Janakichatti/Yamunotri - Horse Rs. 1000 and Doli Rs.2500

*These are just inexact cost dependent on before season. Real rate may shift.

Day's Engagement -

Yamunotri, First of The Chardham: The main fascination at Yamunotri is the sanctuary given to the Goddess yamuna. The sanctuary of yamuna, on the left bank of the Yamuna, was developed by Maharaja Partap shah of Tehri Garhwal. The god is made of dark marble. Yamunotri was the home of an old sage Asit Muni. Yamuna is the little girl of the Sun simply like Yama who is viewed as his child. it is accepted that Yama would not torture any individual at the hour of death who washes in Yamuna, his sister. it is Yamuna, who being a holder of endless love and sympathy can concede us independence from even demise, in the domain of her senior sibling.

Early morning reminder and light breakfast continue for Gangotri. Enroute venture break at Gangnani, heated water spring, later proceed for Gangotri sanctuary. post Puja, lunch at Gangotri. Later eat and O/N Bhagirathi Sadan, Gangotri. Anticipated Departure Time, Barkot - 0630 Hrs, Expected Arrival Time, Gangotri - 15030 Hrs, Hrs Day's Traveling Distance and Time - 210 Kms/09 Hrs , City and Hotels - Gangotri and Bhagirathi Sadan

Day's Engagement -

Gangotri, IInd of Chardham: Gangotri, the source of the River Ganges and of the goddess Ganga, is one of the four locales in the Char Dham journey circuit. The waterway is called Bhagirathi at the source and procures the name Ganga (Ganges) from Devprayag onwards where it meets the Alaknanda. The inception of the heavenly waterway is at Gaumukh, set in the Gangotri Glacier, and is a 19 km journey from Gangotri.

This humble community is based on a sanctuary of the goddess Ganga, Which worked by the Nepalese General , Amar Singh Thapa in the mid eighteenth century. The sanctuary is shut on Diwali day each and is returned in April/May. As per Hindu folklore, Goddess Ganga took the foem of a waterway to exonerate the transgressions of King Bhagiratha's archetypes, following his serious compensation of a few centuries.

NO other waterway is twisted as intimately with the twist and weft of Hinduism as the Ganga in India. Loved since days of yore as profound purifier, and the provider of wellbeing and success, it is essential for the nation's social and strict texture. The overpowering fascination of these consecrated waters, upgraded by the fantasies and legends woven around the waterway and its birthplaces, has drawn religious zealots and explorers the same since legendary occasions. The journey to Gangotri, the sanctuary devoted to the Goddess Ganga close to the wellspring of the waterway, and one of the Char Dham of Uttarakhand, is among the most purifying encounters of a hindu's life; and as elevating and moving for the voyager. A huge number of explorers and voyagers have attempted the yatra to Gangotri for quite a long time looking for salvation and the hallowed stream has given them help and expectation.

Anticipated Departure Time, Barkot - 0630 Hrs

Anticipated Arrival Time, Gangotri - 15030 Hrs

Day's Traveling Distance and Time - 210 Kms/09 Hrs

Post comfortable Wakeup call and breakfast, leave for Uttarkashi, in a real sense meaning Banaras/Kashi of north. Arrive at Uttarkashi as expected for Lunch. Rest of the evening and night at relaxation. Early Dinner and O/N, Uttarkashi.

Anticipated Departure Time, Gangotri - 1000 Hrs

Anticipated Arrival Time, Uttarkashi - 1400 Hrs

Day's Traveling Distance and Time - 95 Kms/04 Hrs

Host City and Hotel - Uttarkashi

Uttarkashi - Uttarkashi is a little and lovely town, arranged between two waterways: Varuna and Ashi, whose water stream into the Bhagirathi from either side of the town. Raised, at a stature of 1588 meters, this little town is fundamentally the same as kashi and Varanasi, in that it has similar sort of sanctuaries and ghats and moreover, a north or 'uttar' confronting waterway. The significant sanctuary is the Vishwanath sanctuary, devoted to Lord Shiva. Two other significant sanctuaries are situated in the Chowk zone. These are the Annapurna Temple and the Bhairav Temple. Once, it is stated, there were 365 sanctuaries here. Hiuen Tsang alluded to this spot as Brahma Pura, while the Skanda Puran has recorded it as Varunavata. it is accepted that in the second thousand years of Kaliyug, Kashi will be lowered, and Uttarkashi will supplant it as a significant strict focus.

Relaxed reminder and post breakfast leave for unique jalabhishek at Kashi Vishwanath sanctuary prior to leaving for Kedarnath, one of the twelve jyotirlings. In transit Picnic Set up Lunch at Chamba. Supper and Overnight Shivalik Valley Resort, Sitapur

Anticipated Departure Time, Uttarkashi - 0600 Hrs

Anticipated Arrival Time, Sitapur - 1800 Hrs

Day's voyaging Distance and Time - 212 Kms/10 Hrs

Host City and Hotel - Sitapur and Hotel Shivalik Valley resort, Sitapur - At a height of approximately 1820 meters, Sitapur is found only 7 Kms from Gaurikund and 26 Kms from Guptkashi on street towards Kedarnath. Sitapur is barely shy of 2 Kms from Son Prayag, lying at the conversion of waterway Basuki and Mandakini. The heavenly site of child Prayag is of colossal strict essentialness. it is said that a were dash of the sacred water of Son Prayag encourages one to accomplish the "Baikunth Dham". Triyuginarayan, which should be the marriage spot of Lord Shiva and Parvati, is a ways off of 14km by transport and 5 km by walking from here. Prior to continuing for Kedarnath by walking, individuals shower in the boiling water lake here and visit the Gauri Devi sanctuary. This is where Goddess parvati pondered to achieve Lord Shiva.

Early morning reminder and breakfast continue to continue to Gaurikund with stuffed lunch to later journey for Kedarnath.

Overnight remain at Kedarnath.

Anticipated Departure Time, Sitapur - 0600 Hrs

Anticipated Arrival Time, Gaurikund - 0800 Hrs

Anticipated Arrival Time, Kedarnath - 1630 Hrs

Day's Traveling Distance and Time - 32Kms+ 14Kms journey/09 Hrs

Kedarnath - Horse: Rs. 1000/ - * Doli : Rs. 2500/ - *

*These are just estimated cost dependent on before season. Genuine rate may very.

Host City and Hotel - Kedarnath and Himachal House

Day's Engagement -

Kedarnath Temple, IIIrd of Chardham: Kedarnath, the remotest and the most radiant of the burn dham, is situated in Lord Shiv's own nation. The sheer magnificence of the sanctuary's normal setting - the transcending mountains mantled in day off, tumbling streams and waterways, and green glades and timberlands - and the challenging trip that gets you to it, serve to additional concrete the profound established confidence that this sanctuary motivates in the ardent. This is one sacrosanct site that has remained practically unaltered for quite a long time and has an otherworldly energy all its own. For the lover of Lord Shiv, this is the last wilderness, a definitive way to salvation

Early morning reminder and breakfast continue to Gaurikund to proceed with your excursion to Rudraprayag. Lunch in transit at Sitapur. O/N The Narayan Invitation.

Anticipated Departure Time, Kedarnath - 0600 Hrs

Anticipated Arrival Time, Gaurikund - 1100 Hrs

Anticipated Arrival Time, Rudraprayag - 1530 Hrs

Day's Traveling Distance and Time - 75 Kms/14 Kms journey

Host City and Hotel - Rudraprayag and The Narayan Invitation, Today's Garhwal was Known as Kedar-Khand previously. In puranas Kedar-Khand was supposed to be dwelling place of God. It appears from Vedas puranas, Ramayana and Mahabharat that these Hindu sacred texts are scripted in Kedar-khand Puran this Land is respected the place where there is master Shiva. Named after Lord Shiva (Rudra), Rudraprayag is arranged at the heavenly conversion of Alaknanda and Mandakini streams, at a disctance of 34 kms from Srinagar (Garhwal). The gathering of the Mandakini and Alaknanda streams has its very own special stunner and it appears as though two sisters were grasping one another. it is accepted that to ace the secrets of music, Narad Muni venerated Lord Shiva, who showed up in his Rudra Avtaar (manifestation) to favor Narad. The Shiva and Jagdamba sanctuaries are of extraordinary strict significance. Till as of late, Rudraprayag was a piece of area Chamoli and Tehri. in 1997, the Kedarnath Valley and parts of locale Tehri and Pauri were conjoined to frame Rudraprayag as another region. The whole district is honored with massive naturaly magnificence, spots of strict significance, lakes and ice sheets.

Post breakfast drive for Badrinath. Night Darshan and Pooja at Badrinath sanctuary. O/N remain at ,Patliputra Sadan , Badrinath.

Anticipated Departure Time, Rudraprayag - 0700 Hrs

Anticipated Arrival Time, Badrinath - 1600 Hrs

Day's Traveling Distance and Time – 160 Km/8 Hrs

Host City and Hotel – Badrinath and Patliputra Sadan

Day's Engagement-

Badrinath - and its course is, for the newcomer, an excursion of commencement. For the individuals who are visiting the holy place, the tourist spots and vistas always give a more current view, an alternate feeling, a further subtlety to an involvement with memory. The excursion to Badrinath can now and again be unforgiving, however just to a shut brain. Individuals visiting the altar are nevertheless the essences of the nation. Excursion from Rishikesh to Badrinath, to acquire from one of Sir Edmund Hillary's undertakings, is, from various perspectives, an excursion from the sea to the sky, as much mental as physical. Also, another course to paradise – and otherworldly freedom.

Comfortable morning reminder and post lunch leave for Birhi.

Anticipated Departure Time, Badrinath - 1200 Hrs

Anticipated Arrival Time, Kirtinagar - 1600 Hrs

Day's Traveling Distance and Time – 95 Kms/05 Hrs

Relaxed morning, present breakfast continue on Rishikesh.

Anticipated Departure Time, Birhi - 0900 Hrs

Anticipated Arrival Time, Haridwar - 1600 Hrs

Day's Traveling Distance and Time - 160 Kms/7 Hrs

Host City and Hotel – Rishikesh and Narayan Kunj, Rishikesh - Rishikesh is situated in the lower regions of the Himalaya and pulls in a huge number of pioneers and vacationers every year, from inside India, just as from different nations. Rishikesh, the strict town known for its strict and profound associations, has a portion of the world's flawless perspectives as well. Encircled by the lesser Himalayas and sacred Ganga coursing through it Rishikesh is one of the entrancing spots in India. On Rishikesh visits sightseers can visit the wonderful sanctuaries, or intercede at the different ashrams. The experience aficionados can attempt some exciting games like white waterway boating, traveling and so forth numerous individuals visit Rishikesh for rehearsing yoga at the "yog ashrams". Rishikesh is a veggie lover city by law, just as a liquor free city. Here one could visit Laxman Jhulla, Ram jhulla and a few ghats in and around this sacred town.

Relaxed morning, present breakfast continue on Delhi.